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Sunday, September 11, 2005


I LOVE to dive, but not this much!

My wife and I spend a lot of time underwater, but this is more then I could tolerate by far. After 60 minutes of scuba diving we are usually cold and ready to dry out and decompress for an hour or so before the next dive. However, the thing I really can't imagine is how bad they are going to smell. The ocean in not a clean place and soaking in it (and probably a dirty weat suit if you know what I mean) for 10 days - stinky. But all in the interest of science (and some fame), so good for them...

Scuba Divers Begin Living Under Water

Sep 8, 7:02 PM (ET)
PONZA, Italy (AP) - There are beds, exercise machines, table and chairs and even a television in the new home of two Italians trying to break a record. The catch: the furniture is anchored to the sea floor and to live there the duo must don wet suits and masks.

The divers, Stefano Barbaresi, 37, and Stefania Mensa, 29, on Thursday completed the first of 10 days living 26 feet under water off the island of Ponza, off the coast between Rome and Naples.

The duo is trying to break a world record by spending 240 hours there as part of a project that also will allow scientists to study the effect that living under water for so long has on the human body.

"It's a unique opportunity to understand the limits of mankind under the sea," project organizer Pierfranco Bozzi was quoted as saying by Milan daily Corriere della Sera.

However, about every five to six hours the divers will be able to access a dry chamber under water where they will be able to change, go to the bathroom and be examined by researchers including from several Italian hospitals and Rome's Sapienza University.

Among other things, scientists will monitor the divers' heart rates and ear drums, Corriere reported.

(AP) In this photo made availabe Thursday, Sept. 8, 2005 by Progetto Abissi 2005, scuba diver Stefano...

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