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Monday, September 05, 2005


Typical US Media - Making Things Worse

It isn't enough that some of the people in New Orleans are acting like completing asses looting (and I mean steeling TVs not bread), shooting at people, etc. The US media is up to there normal, piss pore, reporting. Yesterday the AP reported that, "Army Corps of Engineers says police killed some of its workers as they crossed a bridge on the way to repair a canal." Of course this was immediately released on the news wire and, since it is such fantastic news, broadcast on CNN. Oh, but whoops, 30 minutes later, when the facts are checked, the AP releases, "Army Corps of Engineers says its contractors were not killed by police, but gunmen who fired at them were killed."

With racial tensions high - e.g. "the response would have been faster if those affected were white"...
mini rant: Come one people. Do we really believe that. The Mayor is black, the majority of voters are black, and, even if they weren't, these are people that needed help. Focus the blame on the Mayor who did a terrible job preparing. Or the governor for responding to slow to making it a state of disaster. Oh, better yet, focus the energy and helping the people that need help - not working them up over some BS. Positive energy, not negative, is needed here!

...this is just adding false fuel to the fire. When is the US media going to learn to report the news and not just sensationalism. Leave that for Jerry Springer :-). I suppose it is the news watchers that cause this. I guess they want to see and hear excitement instead of the facts. For example, Heraldo Rivera has to be the worst, must sensationalizing "reporter" on TV today - he is the Jerry Springer of "news". Also, on the CNN commercial, one of the clips they show is a reporter talking about how something the media is doing is a first...Since when did the news reporters become news...


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