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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Hard Rock Chinese Grandma?

I have been busy and unable to post for awhile, but when I saw this article in the South China Morning Post I just couldn't resist. At first I thought it might be interesting, and who knows, she might be good. One of my favorite lines from the article, "The jury is still deliberating on whether Wing is a birdbrain or comic genius". Heck, you have to give her credit as she got a half page color article in the paper. That will have to drive up even her sales.

You can go to Wing's website and, if you register, download samples via the "listen" link. Note that I think you need to register to get one free sample (listen) download. I highly recommend listening to one of the AC/DC songs. In fact, maybe this direct link to it will work for you. It might just be the best - funniest - think you have heard all year. For those of you that don't know, here is a link to the original AC/DC Back in Black song.I just think I might buy one of her CD's - she has eleven of them. It would have to be a great conversation starter - or stopper - at a party. Wouldn't it?...

For those about to rock, Wing salutes you

Meet Wing, a middle-aged former nurse from Queen Mary Hospital who is taking the world by storm with her musical renditions of rock 'n' roll classics from the The Beatles, Elvis Presley and hard rock icons AC/DC.

And she is interested in returning to Hong Kong to perform in front of her home crowd at the Rockit festival this winter.

Tsang Wing-han, or simply Wing, who emigrated to New Zealand before the handover, has captivated the imagination of her adopted home since she began crooning melodies to cheer up residents in elderly homes across Auckland.

"I didn't really like nursing," Wing said. "But I love to sing. Singing helps you express feelings and overcome your emotions when you are feeling down."

The jury is still deliberating on whether Wing is a birdbrain or comic genius. But beneath that self-parodying exterior lurks a shrewd business mind that identified her special niche market years before William Hung set foot on the stage of American Idol.

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