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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Hong Kong Man Sues McDonald's for Hair

I know I have really neglected this site - no excuse, just busy - but I came across this article the other day and had to post something about it. First, because it is so ridiculous. Second, because it shows that the US is not the only country with frivolous lawsuits. In the South China Morning Post, Bobbie Chou Si-li complained about a hair in his hot cakes – not a short and curly but a 16cm black hair (he said 3 hairs, but “the lab only found one”. Okay, gross, but it gets better. "Securities trader Bobbie Chou Si-li is a long-term and frequent patron of McDonald's but he told a court yesterday he would never again eat the fast-food chain's hot cakes after finding a hair in one of them." Wait, theirs even more...he is suing McDonald's for "selling food no of the substance demanded by the purchaser." Mind you, he didn't go back to McDonald's to get a refund but rather complained an hour later then submitted 2 digital photos a month later. He also says it is impossible the hair could have gotten in the Hot Cakes during transit from the McDonald's to his office. Why do courts waste their time with these things?!


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