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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I Really Have Left the Nest

This is definitely a "Who Cares!" blog...I am in New Delhi India tonight and just got back from dinner. Until the last few months, I almost always - but not always - travel with at least one person (or meet someone in the city I am traveling to). However, this time I arrived a day early because of flight issues. When I do travel alone, except for meetings, I pretty much lock myself in my room and work and order room service. After a long day of work today, I decided I wanted out of the hotel, so I asked the hotel where to go to dinner and away I went. Now, if you haven't been to India, this will seem like no big deal, however, if you have, and you grew up in the Wester US and didn't travel much growing up, you might understand. Anyway, the dinner was in a little shopping district (outdoor mall and stalls) and was very traditional Indian. In fact, so few tourists go here that nobody even asked me for money or tried to sell me something. After wandering around, finding the restaurant I left, wandered around some more, found a motorized tuk-tuk, and got a ride back to the hotel. I know, what a stupid thing to write about, but I was thinking as I was riding back on the tuk-tuk, that I NEVER would have imagined three years ago I would be wandering around India by myself and not at all stressed about it. What amazing turns life takes if you just let it!


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