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Monday, December 18, 2006


Where did my wife go?

Hong Kong has really been a great experience for myself. Shelly (my wife) has also told me it has been a great experience for her. However, I was thinking about it today, and I am not sure she (the person I spend all my time with and is in my bed at night) is really my wife!

Now she looks like Shelly, sounds like Shelly, cooks like Shelly, but so much has changed. For example, when we moved here her idea of a exotic dinner was a new Mexican restaurant and she never would have tried other foods like Indian, Thai, Lebanese, Middle Eastern, etc - I know, I tried. She also never ate spicy food - even here Mexican food tended to be on the mild side. Also, She was not very outgoing to meet new people (just a little shy). Don't get me wrong, Shelly has always been fun and very outgoing with friends but she didn't try and meet new people. Additionally, she never traveled to much and didn't care much about (or wasn't exposed to) world news and almost never read the paper.

Now, the person living with me is not this way at all. For example, she eats all sorts of weird stuff. She loves dumplings and dim sum, street noodle restaurants, Indian food, and the list goes on. She also eats not only spicy food, but even peppers on her pizza! In fact, I usually am more sensitive to spice then she. Oh, and she makes a new friend it seems like every week while she is out leading hikes in Hong Kong, doing charity work at schools with dogs, etc. AND, she is probably more comfortable traveling to new exotic locations then I am. Finally, she really cares about international news and reads the paper every day (goes through withdrawals if she doesn't have it).

So you tell me, can it be my same wife Shelly that has just grown and learned so much, or have aliens replaced her? Sometimes I have to wonder who was more impacted by this experience.


I had no doubt that it would be Shelly that would be faced with the "grand" adjustments in this move to HK... when you left over 2 years ago. I can't wait to meet this new Shelly.... I am sure that this experience has only made her better....

I can not wait to hang with you two again this summer!!!!

We are going to have a blast!!!

Love from Shellie

By Blogger Shellie, at 2/26/2007 6:48 PM  

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