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Friday, January 12, 2007


Inconvenient Truth is a Must See!

I admit, I was not a very big fan of Al Gore. I don't remember why. It could have been the media; could have been how he carried himself when running for president (or I perceived he carried himself); could have been preconceived bias; etc. Anyway, that view is beginning to change.

On a flight from Hong Kong to Japan today I watched his movie An Inconvenient Truth and I have to say I found it very well done, not all that political, and very eye opening. Before you make a decision about global warming you really must see this movie. I don't have kids, and it scared the hell out of me. If you have kids, and you are ignoring global warming, you really need to re-think things. I knew the climate is changing, and I have heard more and more and read more and more over the last couple years, but I think we are on a at a point of being able to make a change or not.

Please don't read this and think, "oh man, not Troy too. We all know global warming in a cycle with earth; there is plenty of time; what about other countries; there isn't anything I can do; etc." Do some research, see the movie, and you will understand this is a real big and immediate problem and there are things you can do to help.

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It does not shock me that Hoyt and I would have the same exact response to this movie.

If you believe in "facts" this movie will make you realize how fragile our existence on this planet really is.

I am so glad that this movie was given an academy award!

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