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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Wind Energy Everywhere

Traveling through Spain it was great to see so many huge wind farms. I hear arguments all the time that the wind turbines are ugly. I thought maybe I would tire of them and maybe agree. However, after seeing complex after complex of wind turbines I still think the are beautiful! They are sleek, put of no pollution, show a lessening requirement on oil and coal, etc. I hope that the US is taking as active a roll in increasing the use of wind power. I did notice after being gone for 2 years that there are many more gas/electric hybrid cars on the road and that is very refreshing. We did not travel around the country enough to see any large wind farms. But the more they are used, the cheaper the technology. Maybe by the time we buy our next house we will be able to afford a personal wind turbine generator and solar power for assisting electricity and heating. Wouldn't that be cool!


Bunch of Punks!

I am disappointed in the youth and/or law enforcement of Europe. Okay, I have no idea what percent of the youth it is, so that is probably too broad of a statement. However, everywhere we go in Europe - yes I mean everywhere - there is graffiti. It may be an equal problem in the US but I haven't seen it. It is definitely not as bad in Asia. This is not often even "nice and artistic" graffiti, but crappy tagging. It makes everywhere you go feel less nice then it really is. Why is graffiti so prevalent? Is there nothing that can be done? Seems like stiffer penalties (e.g. jail time and/or major community service cleaning graffiti) would be a good start. Also, for the artistic kids, give them structured places to do graffiti and have it actually be art. Today we were passing a brand new convention center and two days ago some kids "tagged" it and last night some more kids shot paint guns all over the nice new marble sides. That is just punk ass stupid behavior. Are they that board, lacking that much creativity, having no parental guidance or control, what?


Winding ties of life

I find it exciting how the more we travel the more ours and others experiences tie together. We were at the Guggenheim Museum in Spain and there was a gallery by Keifer Anslem that included the observatory "gadgets" Shelly and I saw in Jaipur India. I know, big deal, but it makes everything that much more interesting when you have also seen or experienced it and have the opportunity to see it through another eyes.

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